"You never know what God has in store, and You can make all the plans You want to. But at the end of the day, whatevers going to happen is going to happen." -Carrie Underwood

The Country Fan Association Initiatives

  • Create a Membership/Fan Base that will offer power in numbers to make a change in how country music is written, published, produced, developed, packaged and sold to Country Music fans of the world!
  • Provide a platform in Country Music that every age demographic of Fans (from 2-102) can have what they are seeking from Country Music from days gone by and into the future.
  • Bring the legends and icons that are responsible for the foundation of the Country Music industry back, while never losing that same history with the Fans, and continue moving forward to bring country Fans of all ages back together as One Big Family. We will also connect the artists, both past and present, with their Fan Base on a larger scale and introduce the artists to new fans for years to come.
  • Bringing branding and marketing strategies through media (advertising, television, internet, and radio) that sets CFA apart from our competition.
  • Cultivate the Needs of the Fan by giving them direct input and access to Country Music and its artists in determining the direction it is headed in the future.
  • Setting membership at a "Blue Collar" price and always, yes always, putting the FANS at the top of our agenda.
  • Keeping the Voice of the Country Music Fan Alive and Well!

"Cause You Can't Starve Us Out & You Can't Make Us Run, Cuz We're Them Boys Raised On Shotgun & We Say Grace & We Say Ma'am & If You Ain't Into That We Don't Give A Damn!" -Hank Williams Jr.