Country Fan Association

The Country Fan Association (CFA) simply began with the thought that the FAN needs to have a Voice for getting what they want, which means ALL FANS standing together to take back the control over their Music. The CFA is here to give you, the FAN, a place to work with artists, radio, and music professionals to affect change in Country Music, its Artists, its Songs, its concerts, and even for the CFA to have its own Awards show totally voted for by the FANS! CFA is the leading connection between Country Music and its customer (The Fan).


The Fans are the reason for the CFA. Fans will drive, navigate, and designate country music in a way that it has never been done before. Fans will get to pick new artists and their new music before it makes its way to radio and ultimately on tour. This puts the Fans in charge of the music from the ground floor to the top. CFA is where the FANS have a Voice in the Music Business.



As a member of the CFA, getting to hear new country music before it gets to radio by new artists is a first! It will give members a chance to decide what music they want to hear and from whom they want to hear it from. Membership will give you the chance to be in and around the Country Music business, allowing you to interact in the artist selection, production, radio, and venues which will include music events both big and small.



The CFA will be active in Nashville and around the world. We are all one big country family looking to make a difference in Country Music; both in the USA and abroad. We will work with other organizations to help people in helping to make the world a better listener at a time.


True Country Artists are FANS first. The CFA will help qualified artists get their chance to be heard by the public by funding their music project, assessing how good the product is by true country fans, and getting it out to radio and other avenues that will promote the music the Fans want to hear. The CFA will also offer correct instructions on the Do's and Don'ts of the music business and teach them what a quality project consists of.



The CFA will work with industry professionals to gather alliances to assist Artists/Songwriters in their music journey to better their talents and gain strengths to service the Fans as a whole with their craft. Knowing who to work with is key. How to decide who best fits the Artist can make or break your music career. So, the CFA will guide the Artist/Songwriter down a proper path.



As a member of the CFA, creating events Fans want are a very important part to them. To hear new country music by new Artists and also music from the Artists Fans have grown to love through the years is key. The CFA will give members a chance to decide on what kind of venues and where they want to hear them from. Membership has it privileges with the CFA, giving you the chance to have a true voice in the Country Music business, allowing you to effect things in your own communities.